Reconciliation in Critical Times: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Obama\' Speech in Cairo University and Sadat\'s Speech in Knesset

March 18, 2018 | Penulis: mohmednasser | Kategori:
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Reconciliation is a softening of past conflicts. This paper investigates reconciliation as it was implicated in the speeches of two presidents in two different times and situations. Anwar El Sadat gave a speech in the Knesset in Jerusalem addressing the Israeli people shortly after the 1973 war and Barack Obama gave a speech in Cairo in 2009 following the toppling of the former Egyptian president in the large-scale popular uprising by the people. Obama wanted to re-establish a new relation between USA and the Arab/Muslim world as the said relation has been overwhelmed by tremendous and various circumstances and conditions, including geopolitical interests, differences, acts of war, and the like. Sadat addressed the Israelis in the Knesset following a fierce war between Egypt and other Arab countries on one side and Israel on the other side. He desired to launch a new relation with the everlasting enemy in the region. The two speeches are critically investigated through self-other presentation approach to highlight the stances, attitudes, intentions, and desires of either party to reach reconciliation. Firstly, reconciliation is elaborated on. Secondly, self-other presentation is introduced with a brief discussion on the significance of critical discourse analysis and political discourse. Thirdly, an analysis of the two speeches is conducted. Finally, the paper presents some findings or results, conclusions, as well as further areas of areas.
Key Words: Reconciliation, Obama, Sadat, Critical discourse analysis, Self-Other presentation,
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